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February 19th and 20th 2016
Artcirq Performs @ Kiss the Earth
Artcirq was invited to perform twice at the green carpet Artic premiere of “Chloe & Theo” hosted by Friends of the North and the Igloolik Co-operative. These performances were done in collaboration with Artcirq’s new generation of musicians: Hayden Panimera, Paul Arnatsiaq, Niel Akittiq, and Isaiah Angutimarik.

Photo credits: Essau Tatatoapik

January 30th 2016
Artcirq & new generation perform at the Community Hall
Artcirq members, guest artists, and Igloolik’s up and coming circus artists entertained the community with a performance blending acrobatics, throat singing, juggling, teeter board jumping, and good old rock’n’roll!

January 27th and 31rst 2016
Circus Without Borders Igloolik Premiere
The inspiring documentary about Artcirq and Kalabanté was screened at the Ataguttaaluk High School and New Community Hall for young and old to enjoy. The high school screening was followed by a performance which incorporated participants from Artcirq’s workshops at the Black Box.
Check out the teaser

January 18th to February 6th 2016
New Guest Artists in Igloolik
Gisle Henriet, Jérémie Robert, and Vanessa Kneale landed in Igloolik for their very first time. Artcirq members warmly welcomed these new comers as they joined the team of Artcirq Youth Development Program coordinators. Collaboratively, they taught circus and dance workshops to the community’s youth on a daily basis at the Black Box which yielded a very high attendance and positive spirit for all

November 30th to December 11th 2015
Circus Without Borders US Tour with the Pulitzer Centre
Guillaume Saladin, Yamoussa Bangoura and the directors of Circus Without Borders Linda Matchan and Susan Gray visited numerous schools in St.Louis, Philadelphia, and Washington, in collaboration with the Pulitzer Centre on Crisis Reporting. In each school, the film was screened in front of hundreds of students which was followed by a performance and thought-provoking discussion. Catch a glimpse by following this link

October 2015
Guitar Camp at the Black Box
Derek Aqquiaruq, Allan Kangok, Jesse Tuluraqjuk, and Billy-Jay Ammaq (Artcirq’s newest member) have been leading guitar lessons at the Black Box as part of Artcirq’s Youth Development Program for after-school activities.

July 29th 2015
Quebec Premiere of Circus Without Borders
Guillaume Saladin and Yamoussa Bangoura attended the Quebec premiere of Circus Without Borders in company of the film’s directors Susan Gray and Linda Matchan. The screening marked the opening of the 25th edition of Présence Autochtone, Montreal’s First Peoples Festival. The film was met by a standing ovation and several tears from the packed audience.

July 22nd 2015
Guillaume Interviewed by Pénélope McQuade
Artcirq’s own Guillaume Saladin was invited to appear on Penelope McQuade’s talk-show on Radio Canada to share Artcirq’s story and promote the film Circus Without Borders.

July 3rd to 15th 2015
Summer Circus Camp 2.0
Myriam Sutton from the Scuola Teatro Dimitri was invited to Igloolik to share her knowledge in physical theatre and mask with Artcirq members and youth. Daily workshops were offered to youth between the ages of 7 and 18 and an open performance was offered to the whole community to highlight the experience.

Photo credits: Jimmy Qamukaq

June 30th and July 1st 2015
Artcirq Cabaret at the Alianait Festival
Artcirq members along with guest artists Marjorie Nantel, Patrick Leonard, Geneviève Drolet, Myriam Sutton and Yamoussa Bangoura performed side-splitting performances of collaborative cabaret acts at Alianait’s big top. Artcirq members also hosted a circus workshop for youth.
To watch the full performance, click here.

Photo credits: Ed Maruyama

June 29th 2015
Nunavut Premiere of Circus Without Borders
The Artcirq family along with 120 Iqalungmiut packed the Astro Theatre during the Alianait Festival to watch Northern Light ProductionsCircus Without Borders. Guillaume Saladin and Yamoussa Bangoura addressed the audience to share both the comical and heartfelt moments of the film.

April 24th and 25th 2015
Tribute to Joey Ammaq

Last December, Artcirq lost a brother, a friend, and a truly talented artist : Joey Ammaq. To pay tribute to his legacy, Artcirq members organized a concert and gathered the best of local talent such as Northern Haze, Aira, and special guests Arviat Abraham Eetak and Lois Suluk. Performances were offered on Friday 24 April at Artcirq's Black Box and Saturday 25 April at Igloolik's community centre.

April 25th 2015
Circus without border
World premiere of the documentary Circus Without Border directed by Linda Matchan and Susan Gray, presented at the Indenpendent Boston Film Festival. The movie showcases the story of "best friends and world-class acrobats from remote corners of the globe who share the same dream: To bring hope and change to their struggling communities through circus".

April 14th to 19th 2015
Cirqiniq exchange
Six Cirqiniq members from Nunavik were back to Igloolik with two trainers, Manu Cyr and Rebecca Leonard for a week of exchange with Artcirq.  The magicien Jimmy Tommy Kumarluk gave a stunning solo performance at the Community Hall.  Artcirq and Cirqiniq also offered a series of circus workshops and performed 3 shows  at the Black Box and the Attagutaaluk High school.

April 2015
Workshops at the Black Box
Patrick Leonard, clown and acrobat from 7 fingers and Geneviève Drolet, hand stand performer, were back to Igloolik  for 3 weeks of worshops at the Black Box with Artcirq. Daily training sessions were open to the community. A great way to get back in shape, to upgrade our techniques, continue to develop trust in each other and to have fun with friends !

November- December 2014
Guillaume was part of circus workshops in the Nunavik communities of Aupaluk and Tasiujaq, further developing the collaboration between Artcirq and Cirqiniq. Next April, the Nunavik troup will come to Igloolik to train with Artcirq at the Black Box for the second time.

October-November 2014
Igloolik's Arnait Video Collective has released its documentary Sol, directed by Marie-Hélène Cousineau and Susan Avingaq. It has been featured at the Montreal International Documentary Festival and selected in the Toronto International Film Festival's Top 10. The movie investigates the suspicious death of our friend and Artcirq member Solomon Tapatsiaq Uyarasuk and instigates reflection about the alarming suicide rate in the Canadian Arctic communities.

October 2014
Black Box
Black box was running a daily program of circus and music workshops for local youth. The Nunavut Fire Marshall has closed the Black Box again for minor updates to be completed. Let's keep up the hope, it will reopen soon!

Septembre 2014
Trip to Arviat
The Artcirq group travelled to Arviat to perform their new show entitled Asiu. They were accompanied by the band Kikukkia to heat up the stage and double the fun! The bad weather shortened the trip and the exchange with the local performance group Qaggiqtiit, but there was enough time for Iglooligmmiut to offer a great performance, inspire the community and make new friends in the far west of Nunavut!

August 2014
Nunaqpa 5.0
The fifth edition of Nunaqpa took place south of Hall Beach in a region called Tikerak (where bears come into the tents!). The weather was once again challenging however Mother Nature was generous in allowing the trekkers and hunters to catch many caribous.

July to August 2014
Special guest: Andréanne Lemaire

Andréanne, psychology student at the University of Montreal, spent 3 months in Igloolik to study the impacts of Artcirq activities on the youth's daily life. In return, she offered to the community slackline workshops and became the light technician for Asiu premiere in Iqaluit, for the Alianait Arts Festival.

July 14th to 24th 2014
Circus camp
Held in Igloolik in July, Artcirq provided daily workshops for the local circus summer camp. The camp was open to youth between the ages of 8 to 18 years old. On the last day of training, they presented a talent show to the community.   

June 14th to 20th 2014

A group of 30 participants set up a basecamp at Kagnilirjuaalik (approximately 50km from Igloolik) and departing from there daily, set out to hunt natiavinniq for a week. Participants had the opportunity to learn different skills related to this specific hunt as well as particular technics to work on this skin. 

May 27th to June 3rd 2014

Six youth from 5 different Nunavik communities, participating in the Cirqiniq social circus, come to Igloolik for a one-week exchange and training residency.  Their goal is to develop their abilities to train other youth in circus techniques.  They also developed with Artcirq a collaborative performance that was presented with great success at the Community Hall. This week jammed packed with training sessions, creative discussions and strong emotions, created beautiful new friendships.

March-June 2014
ASIU creation

Artcirq begins the creation of a new show that premiered at the Alianait Arts Festival in Iqaluit on June 28th where it received much praise and a standing ovation. Inspired by the animated movie Amaqqut Nunaat: The Country of Wolve written by Neil Christopher, this traditional Inuit legend is brought to the stage with the help of 3 professional circus artists from Montreal: Geneviève Drolet, Patrick Léonard and Jean-Philippe Cuerrier, who travelled to Igloolik to help develop the show as well as to give workshops in hand stand, clowning, juggling and teeter board for Artcirq members to improve their technical skills.



Mars 2014
Show at the Hall
Artcirq crew performed at the Community Hall for a community feast event.

Febuary 2014
Kikkukia documentary
Derek Aqqiaruq followed Kikkukia music band over the recording of their first album. He presents on isuma.tv and Igloolik local channel the documentary he produced about their story.

December 2013
Kikkukia launches is first album!
Kikkukia's band launches its first music album. It is now available on Itunes, cdbaby, at Igloolik Coop and through Isuma Distributions in Montreal.

Kikkukia music album recording
The Black Box is transformed into a music studio and Kikkukia records their first album produced by Artcirq. Artcirq member Joey Ammaq along with Mister, Allan and Josh are working with the professional sound ingeneer from Iqaluit Chris Coleman (Nuvu) to release this alternative rock album later this year.

Women's Camp third edition
One week expetition out on the land with 9 young women and 2 elders for sharing traditional knowledge. Departure on August 11th!

Artcirq completed the fourth edition of Nunaqpa expedition. It took place at the end of August. Ten walkers participated to this trekking on Baffin Island in the Eqe region.

June 22th 2013
Artcirq featured Live on APTN!
Artcirq is part of the national wide concert for the celebration of the summer solstice and National Aboriginal Day.  It will be live telecast around 9 30 pm ET of June 22th. 

April 30th 2013
Performance at the Northern Scene Festival
Artcirq performed at the sixth edition of the Scene Festival at the National Art Center in Ottawa/Gatineau. The finest established and emerging performing and visual artists, writers, storytellers and filmmakers from the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavik, Nunavut and Nunatsiavut were invited for this celebration of Northern talents.

April 2sd to 17th 2013
Geneviève Drolet residency
Artcirq is welcoming Genevieve Drolet, a hand stand performer and writer for a 2 weeks residency. Along her journey she is giving workshops and seeking inspiration to write her 4th novel.

January 7th 2013
Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee award
The Governor General of Canada award Guillaume Ittuksarjuat Saladin with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal for his dedicaded services to his peers and community with Artcirq project. His role is being recognized for his devotion and mentorship to Igloolik's youth.

Collaboration with Inhabit Media
Inhabit Media, an Inuit-owned publishing company based in Iqaluit, and Artcirq, have been collaborating over past years on several different projects. Among them, the children's book entitled Kalla which was inspired by the Inuit Circus. Another book entitled Caribou Skin Clothing of the Igloolik Inuit, written by anthropologist Sylvie Pharand, was released in January. They are also working together on staging a live multidisciplinary performance based on the award winning animated short film, Amaqqut Nunaat: The Country of Wolves, written and directed by Neil Christopher and produced by Louise Flaherty. The show is scheduled to premier in Igloolik in late 2013.

December 2012
Big Top Without Border
For the past 4 years, producer Susan Gray and director Linda Matchan have been following Articrq and their Guinean collaborator Kalabanté on the road, filming their common journey. They are presently editing a documentary about Artcirq and Kalabanté's friendship, partnership and challenges.

November 3rd to 12th 2012
Performance in Nuuk, Greenland
Artcirq traveled to Nuuk, Greenland, to continue their collaboration with N.A.I.P.. Jointly, the troupes give circus workshops to local youth in Nuuk and perform at Katuaq, Nuuk’s premier performing arts venue.

August 27th to September 6th 2012
Women's camp
Artcirq coordinated, for the second year, a camp in the Iviisarurtuq area for women to share their traditional knowledge.  40 people, including 10 young women and 2 elders, prepared seal skins, made blueberry jam, took on sewing projects, participate in a bannick making contest and also learned a lot about teamwork!  The experience became much more challenging when the project turned into a survival camp after participants got stuck, due to bad weather, out on the land for 11 days (when only stocked for a 5-day trip).  A Helicopter had to be sent to drop off food and to bring home certain kids who had gotten sick. Fortunately, everybody came back home safe, happy and stronger from this life changing experience!

August 15th to 19th 2012
Nunaqpa 2012
This 3rd edition of Nunaqpa took place in the gorgeous landscape of the Usujarjuk area, 150 km south of Igloolik.  As the participants were intended to hunt caribou along the trail, a base camp was set up and participants walked every day in the surrounding areas. Several caribous where caught and the trip was highlighted by a visiting polar bear on our camping site!  14 adults, 2 kids and 2 babies were part of the expedition.

July - August 2012
Uvanga movie
The summer has been busy for some Artcirq members who participated in the production of Uvanga, the new feature film by the Arnait Video Collective. John Arnatsiaq played a supporting character in the film; well Guillaume Saladin had a small role in the film and was also the project’s stunt coordinator; Joey Ammaq and Jacky Qrunngnut were production assistants helping out every day on the set; and Terry Uyarak helped coordinate the scenes shot out on the land and at sea. The film is expected to be released in 2013. 

July 5th 2012
Rockin' Walrus Arts Festival
Artcirq is proud to have participated in the 3rd edition of the Rockin’ Walrus Arts festival, held this year from July 3th to 6th. Artcirq performed, amongst national and international guest performers, for their fellow Iglulingmiut.

June 30th 2012
Artcirq’s collaborative performance with Cirque Alfonse (Québec), an arctic version of Timber, won a standing ovation from the full house at Nakasuk’s school gym at the Alianait Arts Festival in Iqaluit. 

June 23th to 27th 2012
Timber to Igloolik
Guillaume’s dream to invite his Montréal’s National Circus School friendsfrom Cirque Alfonse to Igloolik to showcase their new performance entitled Timber became reality with the financial participation of Alianait Arts Festival and the Canada Council for the Arts.  The lumber jack circus performers jumped on stage with their impressive -scary at times!- log-dancing, axe-throwing, two-man saw jumping performance, featuring live traditional Quebecois music. 

June 11th to 15th 2012
Kamiks sewing camp
Artcirq coordinated a one week long camp on the land, on Igloolik Island, for a group of 5 women to learn how to sew a pair of kamiks.  The participants set up their tent at Uyarasukjuq and 2 elders shared their knowledge about the preparation of the skin, pattern design and sewing techniques.

May 9th 2012
Artcirq Performs for the Queen at Windsor Castle!
Artcirq will perform for the Queen of England, on the private grounds of Windsor Castle during the evenings of May 10th, 11th and 13th as part of Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee Pageant. Five Artcirq performers, in collaboration with the Royal Mounted Police famous Musical Ride, will perform as part of the "Americas act" of this monumental pageant show titled Around the World in 60 Years and 90 minutes which features over 550 horses and more than 1000 performers representing different areas of the globe. Artcirq's participation in the Diamond Jubilee Pageant is made possible with the assistance of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami and with the generous financial support ofJubilee Sponsors: First Air and the Government of Nunavut, Diamond Sponsor: Nunasi Corporation, and Participating Sponsors: Atutuarvik Corporation and Tim Horton's.

Nunatsiaq online published on May 9th 2012: Nunavut's Artcirq joins Mounties for Diamond Jubilee performance at Windsor Castle

May 9th 2012
Artcirq at the CBC's National
Artcirq crew is interviewed by Reg Sherren from the CBC National in their way to London to perform for the Queen.

April 24th 2012
International Polar Year 2012

Artcirq's group is invited to perform in Montréal at the International Polar Year Conference at the Congress Center. Sarah Cox, Director of Outreach and Liaison for Inuit Relations Secretariat / Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, who commissioned the performance, said the performance was "Fantastic", "Spectacular" and "had a few people in tears because they were overwhelmed with the power behind (the) crew when performing!!"

Febuary 28th 2012
Artcirq on iTunes

Artcirq's unique collaborative albums, Artcirq Jam and Made in Igloolik are now avalaible to purshase on itunes. Both albums are also available at CDBaby. Get your copies now!

January10th-17th 2012
Collabration with N.A.I.P.

Artcirq and the entire community welcomed 8 performers from N.A.I.P. as well as signer and song writer Rikka Egede. From Greenland to Igloolik, they participated in a creative residency and a cultural exchange. It was a jam-packed and emotional week with workshops and performances which coincided with the Return of the Sun Celebrations. For the second collaboration over the last 2 years, strong bonds are now linking Nuuk and Igloolik.

January 2012
The Black Box

After several months of work, Artcirq and the Recreation Department of Igloolik unveil the Black Box, a new training space and performance center in Igloolik. Previously used as storage space, Artctirq members renovated and equipped a section of the Kipsigak Arena culring rink to transform it into the Black Box. In late december Artcirq is hosting a first show; a fundraising concert for Rockin'Walrus Arts Festival with Jason Maliki from Repulse Bay.

November 2011
Artcirq at the movies

The two Artcirq's short films, Northen Haze: Living the dream and Pitaqangittuq are screened at the Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival.

September 30th 2011
Northern Haze: Living the dream

Derek Aqqiaruq, in collaboration with Artcirq, produce a documentary about the famous local rock band of Igloolik, The Northern Haze. It's presented in premiere at the Yellowknife International Film festival and is screened on October 23th at the Imaginative Native Film + Media Arts Festival in Toronto as official selection.

September 27 2011
Artcirq wins an Accolade!

Artcirq's public service announcement entitled Raven, made in collaboration with the Nunavut Department of Environement to sensibilize the youth to environemental issues, has won an Award of Merit from the Accolade Competition 2011.

September 5th-12th 2011
Women Sharing Knowledge

Artcirq coordinate a one-week camp for two elders in the community to teach traditional skills to younger girls. Based out on the land in the Iviisarurtuq area, on Baffin Island, 8 women share their knowledge about skins preparation.

August 2011
Shadow puppet workshop
Karina Bleau, professional puppeter, gave a shadow workshop to Artcirq's members. They had the chance to experiment few techniques and develop new ideas for further shows.

August 2011

For a second summer in a row, Artcirq embarked on a 5 days hike throught the rough terrains of Baffin Island. The hikers, including 7 children, crossed 35 km of mountains and valleys, stopping to fish for trout and to catch snow geese and rabbits. The group also spotted fresh caribou tracks and sevral walruses during the boat trip back to Igloolik Island. That was the occasion for 3 southern artists to join the group and share their knowledge along the trail: Karina Bleau, puppeter, Félix Boisvert, musicien and composer and Jessica Arpin, clown-adventurer, for whom it was a second stay with Artcirq.

July-August 2011
Residence of Catherine Rannou

The french architect and artist Catherine Rannou is coming to Igloolik for 6 weeks residency. Her work is based on the question of habitat in extreme climate, the environemental impacts and the dependance to modern technologies. Her work is exposed from August 25th to October 29 at La Passerelle, in Brest, France.

July 2sd 2011
Tulugak, Inuit Raven Stories Show

World premiere of Tulugak, Inuit Raven Stories at the Alianait Arts Festival in Iqaluit, Nunavut. Several Artcirq members collaborate with other Nunavut, Nunavik and Greenlandics artists for the performance of this newwork developed by Sylvia Cloutier.

June24th 2011
Second Edition of Rockin' Walrus Arts Festival

Artcirq perform at home for the second edition of the local Festival of Arts and Music.

June 3th 2011

Artcirq's latest short film about climate change in the Arctic, Pitaqangituuq, premieres at the Dreamspeakers Festival in Edmonton.

May 2011

Guillaume is participating for the first time to the Arviat Community Ecotourism Initiative(ACE) as Cultural Adviser.

April 2011
Shooting of Tivajuq legend

The well-knowned antropologist Bernard Saladin d'Anglure and his wife, Françoise Morin, spend two weeks in Igloolik to complete some research work. They also shoot the legend of Tivajuq with 5 members of Artcirq and Carol Kunnuk from Isuma Productions.

Febuary- March 2011
Artcirq's hockey team

Participation of Artcirq at the Corporate fundraising Hockey Challenge in Igloolik. Congratulation to the team that leaded to the quarter of final!
Coffee Shop opening

Renovation and opening of the Coffee shop at the Kipsigak arena's Canteen in Igloolik. We are proud to offer lattés, hot chocolate and homemade fresh goods!

Febuary 23-25th 2011
Artcirq performs in Pangnirtung

With the help of Ryan Oliver, Brighter Futures and CLEY Department, Artcirq gave two performances and several workshops for the youth in Pangnirtung, Nunavut.

February 1st, 2011
A Taste of the Arctic 2011

Artcirq takes part in "A Taste of the Arctic 2011" the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami annual fundraising event, along with Elisapie Issac.
When: February 1st, 2011 at 6 pm.
Where: At the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa.
See you then!

October-November 2010
Collaboration Artcirq-Kalabanté / Igloolik-Guinée Konakry.

One the most ambitious project in our history. This collaboration process will bring four members of Kalabanté Productions to Igloolik for a two-weeks residence. This will result in a series of African dance classes, percussion workshops and public presentations of a circus show created by the two companies. The second act of this partnership will bring seven Inuit to Guinée Konakry, along with two artists from France and Switzerland. Two weeks ofAfrican experiences will be shared by all. Inuit video screenings, workshops for youth and a first encounter between two cultures will take place.

August 2010
NUNAQPA | Walking on Baffin Island.

At the end of August, Artcirq's members have walked the rough and tough terrains of Baffin Island, North of Igloolik. The 17 hikers—including 3 children and one baby—have traveled dozens of miles of rocks, peat and escarpments. The goal was to make contact with the land and Inuit traditions attached to it.

July 2010
Shooting of two anti-littering video clips.

Funded by Nunavut Department of Environment, two short video clips entitled Raven and Dump tent aiming to raise awareness among youth on pollution were shot in Igloolik. Avalaible on Youtube!

July 2010
Recording of "Made in Igloolik" music CD.

Dj Wivi, aka Alexis Bowles, transformed Guillaume's and Annie's house into a recording studio for the second Artcirq music CD. Stay tuned for the release!
CD 2

July 2010
Performance at the Rockin'Walrus Arts Festival
IArtcirq is proud to participate to the fisrt edition of Rockin'Walrus Arts Festival in their hometown!

June-July 2010
Artcirq at ICC Conference, Nuuk, Greenland.

Strong of their first collaboration with NAIP in Iqaluit,the two companies share culture, language and a stage for the benefit of all! Friendship, crossed-borders, and both companies are now dreaming of a second stage in Igloolik in 2011.

June 2010
Artcirq at Alianait Festival, Iqaluit.

First meeting with NAIP artists. A challenging collaboration leading to a great show. It was also the time to present ILAGIT, the Nunavut show presented at the Vancouver Olympics. Great reunion for the 14 Nunavut artists.
Alianait 2010

June 2010
Artcirq's Baffin Expedition shown in Montreal!

Don't miss the projection of Artcirq Expedition 2009 at the festival Présence Autochtone, in Montreal, at the Cinema du Parc, on June 22 at 9H pm. It tells the incredible odyssey of the troupe Artcirq that traverses the vast territory of Nunavut on skidoos to present its show.

April-May 2010
Artcirq in Toulouse, France.

In partnership with Lido, the circus school ofToulouse, Artcirq France is created, thanks to Karine Delzors. World premiere of Artcirq Expedition, directed and edited by Derek Aqqiaruq.Toulouse

Febuary 2010
Artcirq at the 2010 Olympics Winter Games
In Febuary, six members of Artcirq were among an ensemble of Canadian Arctic performers representing Nunavut at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia.

January 2010
Artcirq at the Northern Lights Trade Show

Artcirq is performing at the Northern Lights Trade Show in Montréal, Québec.

December 2009
Artcirq in Copenhagen for COP-15.

Four members of our troop are in Denmark to present three shows in partnership with Igloolik Isuma Productions at the Artcic Tent of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for the historical climate change meeting, COP-15.

November 2009
A new training room in the Kipsigak Arena...

And the re-opening of the Kipsigak Café. We went out of the island to hunt caribu. The Sun is gone for two months. Nicolas Tardif, a friend and an inventor,is in Igloolik to update our hardware and our technical skills.

October 2009
Artcirq at the International Mime & Puppets Festival of Kilkis.

Artcirq fly out in Greece to present shows and offer workshops, as well as to meet the youth there! Karine Delzors (Artcirq), Jessica Arpin (Tita8lou) and Andrea Pelaez (Cirko Demente) joined us to help and inspire us!

August 2009
Artcirq in Toronto.

Two (2) shows will be presented for free on August 21 and 23 during the Planet IndigenUs Art Festival, in Toronto. Do come see us on the Sirius Stage! For more information, visit Planet IndigenUs.

August 2009
Artcirq in Iqaluit preparing for Vancouver 2010.

The troupe in currently preparing its performance for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Game, along with other artists. They will proudly represent Nunavut during this huge planetary moment. Quite an exciting time.

July 2009
Artcirq at the Great Northern Art Festival, Inuvik.

Artcirq has presented three sold-out shows in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, on July 16, 17 and 18th. Thank you to all the organizers of the GNAF. It has been an amazing experience. Check out this press coverage.

June 2009
Artcirq in Iqaluit for the Alianait Festival 2009.

Artcirq is in Iqaluit, Nunavut, where the troop is preparing two shows along with Kalanté Productions from Konakry Guinea. These shows will be broadcasted live on Isuma.tv Saturnday June 27 at 14H and 19H. An opportunity not to be missed!

June 2009
Artcirq in Ottawa.

For the National Aboriginal Day of June 21 2009, Artcirq has been invited by Aboriginal Experiences to present five shows in Ottawa: one at Canada Post, three at the Canadian Museum of Civilization and another one at the Victoria Island Park. Again, a huge success with standing ovations from the audience. Thanks to Antoine, Catherine and Kalabanté Productions for having saved the shows from the delayed arrival of Igloolik's artists.

June 2009
ARTCIRQ | Soon 10 years!

Baffin 09
At the end of June, the Artcirq project will have inspired, created, engaged and kept going for 10 years. An extraordinary decade, full of amazing encounters, collaborations, travels and creations. Thanks to all of you for your support and for having contributed to this powerful adenture on the roof of the world!

May 2009
Expedition Baffin 2009 | UPDATE.

Baffin 09
11.05.2009 | Artcirq has been performing in Clyde River and the troup is nowon its way back to Igloolik after an amazing journey through huge mountains, impressive glaciers and wild open spaces. We are still waiting for news about an upcimming broadcast live from the Baffin Island. More to come. Meanwhile, here are two nice pictures taken from our friend, Alexandre Domingue.

Guillaume, John and Terry

Baffin's Cliff

Artcirq has reached Pond Inlet during the night of April 30th and May 1st. The first instalment of this journey has been quite a trip: three skidoos broke and there was a shortage of food and naphtha near the end. Still, everybody is extremely happy. A show was performed in Pond Inlet. Workshops and interviews were given. Huge success with standing ovation! They are nowaiming toward Clyde River, where they will perform and broadcast live! Please, stay tuned for more updates.

April 2009
Expedition Baffin 2009.

Artcirq is leaving today, April 22, for a bold skidoo expedition through Baffin Island, Nunavut. With 20 people altogether and 7 skidoos, they will travel from Igloolik to Pond Inlet, and then to Clyde River. Workshops and shows will be presented in both communities. The show in Clyde River will be broadcasted live on isma.tv. Stay tuned for more exciting details. They are expected to be coming back to Igloolik sometime between May 3 and 8. Let's wish them a good weather!
Expedition Baffin 2009

March 2009
Artcirq in Paris.
Artcirq has been performing at the Centre culturel canadien in Paris on March 12th 2009. Four sold-out shows were presented. A huge success. This unique encounter with the public was organised by the Canadian Embassy in Paris and by Espace culturel inuit.
Program: Soirée arctique canadienne

February 2009
Artcirq in Ottawa, Canada!
On February 21 and 22, we are going to present two 30-minutes shows a day during the Winterlude Festiva in Ottawal.
For more information, visit: www.winterlude.gc.ca

January 2009
Opening of the Kipisgaq Café in Igloolik.
With the help of the Igloolik Hockey Association, we are now able to serve café latté and quality hot chocolate in the arena.

January 2009
Artcirq in Mexico for a month.
Artcirq is visiting Mexico for the fouth instalment of the Fibonacci Project. Cirko de Mente and the Seven Fingers will be part of this thrilling event. A meeting with women from Arnait will take place at the end of February. More to come. Stay tuned!

January 2009
Our partnership with Éloize continues!
Artcirq and Cirque Éloize have been partners for 10 years now and their precious support has been extended for three more years. Thank you very much!

January 2009
The world within reach, thanks to Canadian North.
We are proud to be sponsered by Canadian North for the year 2009. It is easier now to travel down South with their help.

October 2008
Release of the music CD Artcirq Jam!
Annecy, Hautwe-Savoie, France
Our new music CD is now out and available for purchase. Visit our special page to learn more: www.artcirq.org/cd.

October 2008
Shooting's end for the documentary Pitaqangittuq.
Annecy, Hautwe-Savoie, France
This documentary, now being edited, will talk about the effects caused by climate change on Arctic's environment and its communities.

September 2008
The Igloolik community meets Guinea!
Annecy, Hautwe-Savoie, France
The Bangoura Brothers, Yamoussa and AK, multitalented circus artists, acrobats and musicians, did a spectacular passage in Igloolik. Workshops with Artcirq were given and three shows were presented to the community: one at the Community Hall, one at the High School and one at the Primary School (pictured above).

June 2008
Fibonacci residency in Igloolik | Midnight Sun.
Annecy, Hautwe-Savoie, France
Memorable meeting on the ice of the Bay of Igloolik. During a month of collaboration between Mexico's Cirko de Mente, Montreal's Seven Fingers of the Hand and Artcirq, the Fibonacci Project gathered 29 artists in Igloolik in order to create an unique multimedia performance. It was a first for four Mexicans to touch and see the ice! The acclaimed show was presented at the Alianait Festival of Iqaluit, as well as the Tohu of Montreal.

May 2008
First Artcirq performances in France.
Annecy, Hautwe-Savoie, France
Artcirq has been performing in Annecy, France, for 10 days following the invitation of the third Inuit Festival and First Nations of Canada. Each day, eleven Inuit artists, including the little Brianna, have been doing workshops with the public and school children in and around Annecy, including Seynod and Saint-Jorioz. Five shows were presented in all, two in a superb outdoor location surrounded by mountains.

At the Turbine of Cran Gevrier, several Artcirq's shortfilms were presented. The anthropologist Bernard Saladin D'Anglure, specialist of Inuit cultures, introduced the general public to Inuit cosmologiy during a conference.

A HUGE thank you to both Karine and Jessica for having prepared the trip, for your support and for your deep and inspiring friendship!

And thank you Christophe of L'air du Temps for the excellent meals you served us throughout our stay.

April 2008
Nunavut Business Achievement Award

January 2008
Artcirq at the Festival au Desert, Mali.

Artcirq at the Festival au Desert
››› To Stephanie Nolen's blog from the Globe & Mail.

January 2008
Artcirq to perform in Timbuktu and Bamako, Mali.
Festival au Desert

From January 8 to January 18, Artcirq will be on tour in Mali. The Inuit circus will perform at the Festival au Desert, at 65 kilometers from Timbuktu in the dunes near Essakane, and will present videos of the North. Learning and sharing will be at the core of this unique adventure. Two shows and video presentations will also take place in Bamako.

Here are our proud ambassadors that will fly to Mali:Terry Uyarak, Solomon Uyarasuk, Jimmy Ava Qamukaq, Derek Aqqiaquk, Guillaume I. Saladin, Sylvia Cloutier, Celina Kalluk.

Thank you to Canada Council for the Arts, to First Air and to the Canadian Ambassy in Mali.

December 2007
Launch of Isuma.tv!
Isuma.tv is an internet video portal for indigenous filmmakers, with unique indigenous-language content available 24/7. Our goal is to help films and filmmakers reach a wider audience; help audiences see themselves in their own languages; help communities connect around common concerns; and help worldwide viewers see indigenous reality from its own point of view. Artcirq has its section where our productions can be seen and commented. Check it out!

October 2007
Artcirq in Monterrey, Mexico!
Mexico !

October 2007
Présentation of the short film Issaittuq.
Bruce Haulli and Kenneth Rasmussen have presented Issaittuq, Artcirq's last short film to date, during the Imagine-Native Festival of Toronto to a chilled audience.

July 2007
Artcirq performs at the Alinait Festival, Iqaluit, Nunavut!


May 2007
Artcirq presentation at the Indian and Northern Affairs.
Terry Uyarak, Guillaume Saladin and Felix Pharand made a presentation on Inuit life, social circus and global warming at the Indian and Northern Affairs, in Gatineau. Three sort-films were presented. People there were highly enthusiastic avout the project.

March 2007
Production of the short film Maanna.
Two days of shooting and editing later, Maanna (now), an intimist short film on global warming is born. Maanna tells the story of a young Inuk whom, after aknowledging the global climate crisis, decides to take actions to stop the megaphenomenon. But, in the end, it is not so much to Inuit than to big polluters to do their parts...

April 2007
Completion of Issaittuq.
After 8 months of production, Issaittuq (waterproof), second shortfilm by Bruce Haulli, is now ready to be screened for cast and crew in Igloolik.

Click on the picture to see Issaittuq's poster in high resolution (940 k).

February 2007
on tour with Igloolik ISUMA Productions.
Four young Artcirq artists were on tour to host projections of the The Journal of Knud Rasmussen throughout Nunavut. The artists performed in Iqualuit and went to such places as Resolute Bay, Arctic Bay, Yellowknife, Hall Beach et Kimmirut.

JKR Tour






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